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Udaan, a project by the Tashvin Foundation, is dedicated to empowering rural women by providing them with opportunities to sell their handmade woollens, clothes, corporate stationery, wedding pouches, bags, and various other items. In addition to sales support, Udaan offers training in embroidery, sewing, tatting, digital marketing, and account keeping, equipping these women with valuable skills needed to sell their products. By organizing exhibitions and partnering with corporates, hospitals, schools, and colleges, Udaan ensures that these women can earn a sustainable livelihood. Recently, in collaboration with the State Rural Livelihood Mission and Ganga Yarns of Ludhiana, Udaan established a Raw Material Bank in  district Ropar, providing affordable raw materials to women in  district Ropar and neighbouring areas, thus saving them time and resources. Empowering women at the grassroots level is Udaan’s primary mission, with all expenses covered through donations. Looking ahead, Udaan aims to expand by acquiring larger spaces, increasing the number of sewing machines, and fostering creativity among these women to secure larger orders and further enhance their economic independence.