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Prakash, an initiative launched by the Tashvin Foundation in early 2021, aims to provide free cataract surgeries for people in rural areas. Collaborating with Dr. Dhillon, who perform these surgeries at a nominal fee of Rs 2500, we have made significant strides in bringing eye care to those in need. Coordinators play a crucial role by organizing small groups of patients from rural areas for eye check-ups and surgeries.

In early 2024, we identified a site in Niamatpur village, Rajpura (Punjab), to open our first eye care center equipped with a refraction machine. This center aims to offer basic refraction services and dispense spectacles to the surrounding villages.

Our Future Goals

Establish multiple eye care centers across rural Punjab.

Develop an operation theatre and hospital facilities for performing cataract surgeries.

Acquire a traveler van for patient transportation.

Open a day care center with at least three beds, a physician, nurse, and attendant.