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The AABHAR Initiative

AABHAR (gratitude) is one of the flagship projects of Tashvin Foundation. Aimed at reducing wastage of unused/left over medicines in common households, and using these to provide free treatment to the poor and underprivileged sections of our society, this project has an ambitious target of setting up 200 collection points across Chandigarh, Mohali, Punchkula and Ambala.

Tashvin Foundation has been involved in organising free medical camps in various cities, and during these camps, it was often observed that subsequent to the free medical consultation, the beneficiaries of the camp, who usually belong to underprivileged sections of our society, were unable to afford the medicines prescribed by our volunteer doctors. On various occasions, Tashvin volunteers extended their support to such beneficiaries, however this adhoc and piecemeal approach always remained one of the key gaps in achieving the noble cause of Tashvin Foundation. Thus, subsequent to in-depth consultations with civil society organisations, volunteers at medical colleges and faith based organisations, the AABHAR initiative was designed.

The AABHAR initiative would be run completely by Tashvin volunteers, who intend to set-up beautifully designed cartons/boxes across the target cities, at strategic locations viz. Gurudwaras, temples, hospitals, medical colleges and busy markets. Each box would be assigned to a Tashvin volunteer, and the box would be accompanied with a flex board clearly outlining the purpose (see picture). Common citizens would be encouraged to donate the unused/left over medicines at their homes in these boxes, and these would be brought to a central location on a fortnightly basis. Here a set of qualified volunteers would check all donated medicines for usability and expiry etc, and then segregate them into various categories. Finally these donated medicines would be used to augment the free medicine supplies at the Free Medical Camps being organised by Tashvin Foundation on a regular basis.

We strongly encourage you to get associated with this noble, ambitious and much needed initiative. For details contact